15 Laterals

So the NFL went to London last weekend, and Trinity of Texas decided to add a little rugby flair to their own game... You can also tell this is division III football by the distinctively "brah" accent of the color announcer.


Laughing Baby

While we all enjoy this laughing baby now, will Ethan still be laughing when the parents bring it out to show it to his high school prom date?

More baseball

A-rod apparently just opted out of his Yankee contract. And the Yankees said they wouldn't resign him if he did that. Boston next year! Unless he all of a sudden becomes altruistic and joins the A's...

Swisher 1B
Ellis 2B
Rodriguez SS
Chavez 3B

Now that's an infield.

Coors 1, Sam Adams 4 right now... c'mon Silver Bullets!

Boston the new Evil Empire?

Are the Boston Red Sox going to be the new New York Yankees? ("New New York" ala Futurama?) Their payrolls aren't all that different these days. Boston's $150 million to New York's $190 million. Despite the fact you could pay the entire roster of both the Devil Rays AND the Marlins with the difference (and have money left over), both teams are of the same mindset: win, literally, at any cost.

The other thing about Boston is all of a sudden they're winning world series(es -- TBD later tonight!) and the Yankees are apparently cursed... being feasted on by a plague of locusts and whatnot. (not quite this bad) It'll be interesting to see how far the Yankees roster shakeup goes. But in reality... what other teams can afford Arod? Boston... great!

Now instead of whiny Bostonians and obnoxious Yorkers we have to put up with the opposite!

An attempt at blogging again

We'll see how far this gets before I leave this blog to die with the rest. This one is cooler than the rest though, cause I have RSS feeds of XKCD.com and Dinosaurcomics.com.